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Our application form requires you register on our site: please use your in-game character name as well as a valid e-mail address when registering. We are now recruiting for our second 10m team and in preparation for 20m Mythic raiding.
Druid Druid High - Resto
Hunter Hunter Low
Mage Mage Low
Monk Monk High - MW
Paladin Paladin High - Holy
Priest Priest High - Disc
Shaman Shaman High – Resto
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Side Effects are a World of Warcraft Alliance guild residing on the European server Azuremyst. Our goal is to defeat all of the Mists of Pandaria content and to create a successful team ready to face any challenge.
Please feel free to browse around or drop by the forums and leave a message or an application! If you want to learn more about us read our Guild Information and Guild Rules

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Thok the Bloodthirsty Heroic
21/02/2014 11:38 by Noxaeternus


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Uncommon places of pandaria! 22/04/2014 14:08
Recruitment! 17/04/2014 13:07
New Priest application from wyrm (Declined) 15/04/2014 18:27
New Warlock application from Dems (Accepted) 15/04/2014 13:27
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  • Suyi Might be alittle late to the raid but I'll be on as fast as I can!
    23/04/2014 19:02
  • Dems Hey guys, it seems that i cant get on wow and im not sure for how long it gonna stay like this. so if im not on by the 20:30 u will have to find a replacement for the raid
    23/04/2014 18:25
  • Ldb #swag
    22/04/2014 14:09
  • Rom yeah! tokar.
    14/04/2014 09:56
  • Easymeat A ginger midget ?
    13/04/2014 23:17
  • Easymeat A Gnome dipped in orange paint ?
    13/04/2014 23:16
  • Rom what is short and orange?
    11/04/2014 10:46
  • Silver Won't make it home till 10 pm , if I am lucky , sorry , shit day ...
    26/03/2014 19:20
  • Silver I will post here if my situation changes
    26/03/2014 15:04
  • Silver sorry guys , but I might be late for raid tonight , got pulled over on M4 near Reading cause my van is overweight. Might get back home for 8pm uk time , if you need updates. call me 07432589432
    26/03/2014 15:03
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24/04/2014 14:43


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